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Junior Leadership Jackson County (JLJC) is part of the Leadership Jackson County program. Graduates from the adult Leadership Jackson County program interview high school juniors who apply for the program from all Jackson County High Schools, and select 30 or more students  with outstanding potential for life and leadership training. Selection criteria includes grades, curriculum taken, honors and awards, community service involvement, work activities, and an essay. JLJC works to make great high school students into outstanding people and leaders for the future of Jackson County.

After the interviews and selection process, eight monthly classes are conducted, one per month from September through April each year, with a graduation ceremony in May.

Interviews - After the start of the school year, students referred by their high school counselor and principal may apply to Junior Leadership Jackson County. All high schools in the city and county, including private schools, are included in the interview process. The applications are graded according to GPA, grades,
extracurricular activities, and a short essay. Applicants are interviewed by three adults affiliated with the program, and graded on need, leadership potential, and presentation.

Orientation - Orientation class is conducted in late September, and includes fun activities, puzzles requiring team problem-solving, a lecture on basic leadership, and time for the kids to get to know those from other schools.

Agriculture Class - Held in October, the class takes the youths all over Jackson County, learning about the business of farming and farmers.

Local History Class - In November, the students are again taken all over the county to learn about ancient peoples in our county, history of the towns including Bridgeport, Stevenson, Scottsboro, and Woodville, and about the counties' role in the Civil War and World Wars.

Industry & Tourism Class - Normally conducted in December, the students are taken to several large and small businesses and industries in our county to learn about retail, tourism, and manufacturing. Lectures given by the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Authority expose them to our County plans and goals for economic growth and tourism.

Local Government Class - In January, the class is taken to the Jackson County courthouse to learn about city and county law enforcement, government, and the court system. Normally a mock trial is staged by one of the District Judges, giving them a perspective on being involved in a trial.

Education and Media Class - Held in February, the students are taken to The Daily Sentinel and the local cable TV media, as well as centers for learning for adults and undergraduates.

Heathcare Class - In March, a tour of the hospital and emergency services is held at Highlands Medical Center. Hospital administration, roles of doctors and nurses, emergency care, diagnosis/testing, surgery, and elderly/handicapped/mental patient care is covered.

State Government - In April, the class travels to Montgomery, touring the Capital, Senate or House, and other state agencies. One or more State Representatives or Senators speak to the students about the various branches of government, and about leadership and life choices.

Graduation - Students that miss no more that two classes graduate the Junior Leadership program in a special ceremony in May including their parents or guardians.

In their senior year of high school, students with enough community service credit may apply for scholarships by writing a 500-word essay on community and leadership. The applications are graded by three or more of the JLJC co-chairs, weighing their grades and ACT score, leadership involvement/community service, honors, achievements, and financial need.