Company City Employees Product
(Largest to smallest)
Maples Industries, Inc. Scottsboro  1,850 Scatter Rugs & Bath Sets
HTPG, Inc.  Scottsboro 464 Commercial Refrigeration Units
Lozier Corporation  Scottsboro 444 Store Fixtures
WestRock Company  Stevenson 417 Corrugated Medium Paperboard
Sanoh America, Inc. Scottsboro 314 Automotive Fluid Handling Systems
Beaulieu of America  Bridgeport 250 Staple Fiber, Primary and Secondary Carpet Backings
Universal Truckload, Inc.  Scottsboro 200 Trucking
Polymer Industries  Henagar 200 Industrial Plastics
Storey Trucking Company  Henagar 150 Trucking-Long Haul Refrigeration
United States Stove Company, Inc.  Bridgeport 150 Wood & Coal Heaters
Wiregrass Construction Company  Scottsboro 135 Site Work, Grading, Asphalt Paving, Concrete Curb and Gutter, and Storm Drainage
US Gypsum Corporation  Bridgeport 120 Gypsum Board, Joint Treatment
Meteor Express, Inc.  Scottsboro 100 Trucking
C.T. Transportation  Bridgeport 95 Trucking
KTN.A.  Hollywood 92 Automotive Interior Carpeting
NCI Manufacturing, Inc.  Scottsboro 90 Various Automotive Parts and Industrial Products
Polyamide High Performance, Inc.  Scottsboro 88 Nylon Automotive Airbag Yarn
Scottsboro Coca Cola Bottling Co.  Scottsboro 86 Carbonated Beverages/Soft Drink Distribution
American Associated Pharmacies  Scottsboro 84 Pharmaceutical Distribution
Great Western, LLC  Hollywood 71 Popcorn, Concession Supplies & Equipment
Imperial Aluminum  Scottsboro 70 Aluminum Recyling
Eleit Technology, Inc. Woodville 69 Manufacturing Equipment and Parts
Tennessee Alloys Company, LLC  Bridgeport 68 Ferrosilicon
Brown-Forman Cooperages' Stevenson Mill  Stevenson 60 White Oak Stave
Avans Machine, Inc.  Scottsboro 55 Aircraft Components
Tennessee Valley Trucking Scottsboro 50 Trucking
Wenzel Metal Spinning, Inc.  Scottsboro 43 Metal Forming & Spinning
Johns Manville  Scottsboro 35 Building Products
Valley Industries Scottsboro 33 Assembly, Packaging and Contractible Tasks
Buccaneer Rope  Skyline 30 Nylon Rope
Patrick Lumber Company, Inc. Scottsboro 30 Building Materials, Residential Building Lots, Custom Hardwood pallets & crating
SafeTweave Inc. Scottsboro 28 Air bag fabric weaving
Silver Eagle Trucking Scottsboro 28 Trucking
The Daily Sentinel  Scottsboro 28 Newspaper Printing
ICB Electronics Scottsboro 25 Cables & Harnesses
TELKO Enterprises, Inc.  Scottsboro 25 Structural Steel Fabrication
Tennessee Valley Authority In-Processing & Training Center  Hollywood 25 In-Processing and Training Workers
Safety First Services, Inc.  Scottsboro 23 Recondition/Rebuild Fire - Safety & Janitorial Supplies
W.W. Lumber Co., Inc. Scottsboro 22 Sawmill
Tennessee Valley Sign & Printing, Inc.  Scottsboro 20 Signs
Design Innovation, LLC Dutton 15 Design & Build Special Machinery
Skyline Monument Company, Inc. Woodville 15 Monuments
CE Industries Scottsboro 15 Wood Products for Home Heating
The Kennedy Company  Scottsboro 12 Noise Control & X-Ray Protection Vinyl Barriers
Sequatchie Concrete Service  Scottsboro 12 Ready Mix Concrete, Concrete Masonry, Segmental Retaining Walls
Tennessee River Steel  Hollywood 12 Structural Steel Fabrication
Southeastern Metals  Scottsboro 11 Aluminum Recycling
BL Fabricators, Inc.  Scottsboro 10 Custom Fabricated Products - Automotive & Textile
Field Services, LLC  Stevenson 10 Precision Fabrication and Installation
Jackson County Concrete, Inc. Scottsboro 10 Ready Mix Concrete
Vulcan Materials Company Scottsboro 10 Limestone
Nash Leather  Bryant 9 Leather Horse Saddles
Nytef Plastics  Pisgah 9 Engineering Plastics
Superior Bungee Corporation Scottsboro 9 Elastic Bungee Shock Cord
Southern Concrete Products  Stevenson 9 Concrete
Crown Machinery  Scottsboro 7 Machine Shop
Kirkpatrick Concrete, Inc. Scottsboro 7 Ready Mix Concrete
TJ's Metal Manufacturing Scottsboro 7 Metal Roofing Manufacturing
The Scottsboro Clarion  Scottsboro 7 Newspaper Printing
Ferncliff Screen Printing & Embroidery Dutton 5 Custom Printing & Embroidery
Global Forest Resources  Scottsboro 5 Moldings, Floors, Lumber
Moss Hardwoods, Inc. Scottsboro 5 Hardwood Lumber
R & R Electric Motors Scottsboro 5 Electric Motors
SBC Industries  Scottsboro 5 Bungee Cords
Thompson Manufacturing, Inc. Section 5 Hand Soap; office, janitoral, safety supplies
Yamaha Marine Group  Bridgeport 5 Outboard Boat Engine Engineering
M & H Fire & Safety Equipment, Inc. Scottsboro 4 Fire and Safety Equipment
NAFCO  Woodville 4 Machine Shop - Precision Machining
Newturn Solutions, Inc.  Scottsboro 4 Industrial Machinery and Equipment Dealer
Toyobo Industrial Materials  Scottsboro 4 Airbag Fabrics
Metro Machine  Hidgon 3 Machine Shop
Computerizing, Inc.  Scottsboro 3 Computer Software
Frontier Saddlery, Inc.  Flat Rock 3 Saddlery
Jackson Printing Scottsboro 3 Commercial Printing
Millennium Machine Shop Scottsboro 3 Machine Shop
North Jackson Progress Stevenson 3 Newspaper (Bi-weekly)
W.E. Printing  Stevenson 3 Newspaper and Magazine Printing
Worthey Screw Machine Products Paint Rock 3 Specialty Fasteners
Cherokee Tool  Scottsboro 2 Machining
Jones Fabricating Scottsboro 2 Metal Fabricating
R C Graphics Scottsboro 2 Custom Embroidery
Thomas Sign Company Hollywood 2 Advertising Display & Neon Signs
S & T Specialty Techniques Scottsboro 2 Custom Wrought Iron
L&L Lumber  Scottsboro 1 Lumber Storage
Long Sheet Metal, Inc. Hollywood 1 Sheet Metal Work
Preventive Vibration Analysis Corp.  Scottsboro 1 Service
Largest NonIndustrial Employers:
Jackson County Board of Education  Scottsboro 745 Education
Highlands Medical Center  Scottsboro 731 Health Care
Scottsboro City Board of Education  Scottsboro 385 Education
Jackson County Commission  Scottsboro 256 Local Government
As a Right to Work State, it is the public policy of Alabama that the right of persons to work shall not be denied or abridged on account of membership or non-membership in any labor union or labor organization.

”I think the most startling thing about Scottsboro is the commitment to economic development from all levels of government. The pro-business attitude of the people encourages and supports growth while aggressively recruiting new industrial development without obstacles. This city is proactive about growing existing industry while promoting new industry.

The climate in Scottsboro is incredible and a wonderful place to raise a family. Recruiting people to work in this area is easy because we are surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes which lead to various outdoor activities in which people can engage. The workforce is some of the most dedicated, motivated and innovative people that I have ever worked with in my career. People are motivated to succeed and genuinely care about business success. The people in this community are very inviting and friendly and are committed to their work.”

— David Holder - Plant Manager, Sanoh America, Inc.