Quality of Life

Jackson County QUICK FACTS
  • Strong education system - Schools consistently score at or above national average

  • Low crime rate - Per capita rate of 2.14, compared to 4.33 in the state and 8.01 in the U.S.

  • Low cost of living - 83% of the national average

  • Scottsboro is a TVA-designated Valley Sustainable Gold Community.

  • Variety of housing, ranging from apartments to waterfront estates

  • Great place to start a business - fully-developed industrial sites and spec buildings

  • Average annual temperature of 60 degrees

  • Scottsboro was listed by Jack Shultz in his book, Boom Town USA, as one of the top small towns in the USA ranked by a number of quality of life indicators: healthcare, education, recreation, culture, taxes, cost of living, crime rate, environment, climate, and access to transportation. Shultz said, "Scottsboro is among the top 2.5% of all non-metro towns in the nation."

  • The July 10, 2009 issue of "Medical Economics" magazine named Scottsboro the "Best town you've never heard of." They also named Alabama the 8th friendliest state for physicians on their list of "Best Places to Practice."

  • Highlands Medical Center in Scottsboro was recently recognized by Alabama Quality Assurance Foundation (AQAF), the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for Alabama, as one of the top-performing hospitals in Alabama.

Recreation & Natural Beauty
  • Tennessee River - 69,000-acre lake with over 960 miles of shoreline with mountainous scenery to enjoy boating, fishing and skiing

  • 77,000 acres of public land for hunting and outdoor sports

  • Walls of Jericho - Natural marvel of wooded terrain, caves, springs, and rocky bluffs

  • Russell Cave National Monument - Alabama's only national monument

  • Approximately 1,800 caves within Jackson County

  • Goose Pond Colony - 360-acre complex with lake cottages, camping, pool, marina, and amphitheatre

  • Unclaimed Baggage Center - Alabama's number one retail tourist destination

  • Five 18-hole golf courses, including Goose Pond Colony on the beautiful Tennessee River

  • Recreational Complex (Rec-Com) - Offers soccer, baseball, softball, t-ball, basketball, cheerleading, swimming, a skateboard park, and a splash park. 

  • First Monday Trade Days, one of the South's oldest events dating from 1868, held in Scottsboro on the Courthouse Square each weekend before the first Monday of the month

  • Numerous cultural events and festivals celebrating our rich historical and southern traditions

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Goose Pond Colony

Goose Pond Colony Marina was given a rave review in a feature article in the August 2009 issue of Heartland Boating magazine, and stated:

"While you are cruising the picturesque 75-mile long Guntersville pool on the Tennessee River, you are just missing the boat if you do not take time to stop at Mile 378.2 and enjoy what Mother Nature and man have to offer. Goose Pond Colony is about 29 miles above the Guntersville Lock and about 46 miles below the Nickajack Lock, making it for an ideal overnight stop." ~Elliot Free